Premiere : David Hohme - "Without Doubt" [Desert Hearts]

Choosing to travel down the creative path requires both boldness and perseverance. It translates into the artist’s entire livelihood being hinged upon others resonating with their craft, and the road to success is fraught with uncertainty. That being said, there are no coincidences in the end, and those meant to be in the arts full time will ultimately push until their dreams come to fruition.

Music has always been in David Hohme’s life cards. The classically-trained, New York-based DJ and producer grew up in a family where the art was held in high regard, beginning his journey at the age of four when his mother pushed him into piano classes. This love affair between Hohme and music continued to grow, and reached its peak simultaneously as he dabbled deeper in electronic music. As soon as he was able, Hohme set his sights on New York, and began worming his way into its underground. His goal was never to reach superstardom, but rather, to make a positive impact in the scene around him and watch as the thing he loved most catalyzed mass unity across sweaty warehouses and beyond. Nearly a decade after realizing that making and playing music full time was his life’s mission, he finally felt as though he’s settling in.

2016 brought along the foundation of his Where The Heart Is imprint, whose inaugural Fear Less EP caught Anjunadeep legend Jody Wisternoff’s attention and a subsequent remix for the release package. His career snowballed at an exponential rate from here, with Hohme later being brought fully into the Anjunadeep fold through his Soft Landing EP. Hohme’s pointed to this release as a sonic representation of him feeling more sure about the direction of his musical vision, and life path in general. Now comes his debut on Desert Hearts, Without Doubt. What started as a live improv inspired an entire song around it, wherein Hohme skillfully meshes together full-bodied textures, warm basslines, and dreamy melodies into one of the lushest releases on the label to date. His work was so powerful, in fact, that the single in which the EP gets its name received a cosign from none other than French icon Rodriguez Jr. “Without Doubt,” Hohme is ascending toward his peak, and there is no stopping this juggernaut now.

In honor of such a milestone release, we grabbed Hohme to talk about honing his craft, finding his way musically, and the transformational culture that brought him and the Desert Hearts brand together. See source below for full Q+A.

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